Brewer breaks ground on firehouse pub

Photo: Bring it! Credit: J. Deseo/SSP.

Photo: Bring it! Credit: J. Deseo/SSP.

On the seventh day of libation, the heavens opened and an angel descended. It landed on the corner of Georgia and Silver Spring Avenues bearing construction permits for the future Hook and Ladder brew pub.

Construction began. And The Penguin saw that it was good.

And it started without too much fanfare (outside of the heavenly intervention). According to Hook and Ladder’s Twitter feed, the Fenton Village-based brew master broke ground Monday on its long-anticipated pub.

Technically a restaurant with a microbrewery in the back, the place will sit inside Silver Spring’s original firehouse, built back in the early 20th century. A peek through its dusty garage windows Thursday revealed what looked like interior demolition work.

Hook and Ladder management previously told The Penguin it will retain the brass pole on which firefighters slid from the second-floor living quarters to the first-floor garage. The building’s exterior will remain intact.

It’s not known when the pub will open for business.


19 Responses to “Brewer breaks ground on firehouse pub”

  1. Easley Does It says:

    Awesome!! I’d given this up as a lost cause a long time ago. I still won’t count my hops until I’m quaffing my first beer, but this is exciting news.

  2. Yeah, let’s remember that construction permits do NOT equal liquor permits. But we’ll cross that insurmountable bridge when we get to it.

  3. I don't see yuppies...yet says:

    So is this directly across from the new fire station? I can’t for the life of me really figure this city out. I think I’ll just have to wander around on foot for a few hours to see where everything is located.

    At any rate, I hope they have live music!

  4. wlErik says:

    Thanks, keep us posted. I noticed that most of the store fronts in the middle of the block of Thayer between Georgia and Fenton have disapeared. I’m looking forward to the day that downtown Silver Spring reaches all the way from Colesville to at least as far as the Hook & Ladder.

  5. annoymouse says:

    Hopefully that stretch of Georgia now turns into the antidote to Hellsworth Drive that we’ve all been seeking ! Good times !

  6. IHateYuppies says:

    About freaking time!

  7. Steph says:

    I hope it’s ready for my birthday in December. How much fun for a bday at the firehouse, kind of like when the SSFD used to come to my school in uniform. Good Times :o)

  8. Vagrarian says:

    About bloody effin’ time…this has only been talked about for how long….?

  9. Springvale Roader says:

    We might actually get a real Georgia Avenue pub crawl: Hook & Ladder, Quarryhouse, Piratz, and the new Nicaro (not technically on Georgia, but around the corner from Piratz, so close enough).

  10. Lucy Proctor says:

    this is going to make my hubby’s day!!

  11. carlos says:

    “and the new Nicaro (not technically on Georgia, but around the corner from Piratz, so close enough)”

    I thought they were only closing for renovations are they moving?

  12. Oooooh…the Georgia Avenue Pub Crawl….that would be a blast. Maybe we would work that into the next Silver Spring Zombie Walk?

  13. paul_silver_spring says:

    Finally… construction begins a year plus past when they initially announced it would open :-) (The first time I heard of this at least, H&L was saying spring ’08 – hahahaha)

  14. dumbek says:

    Maybe the Fillmore’s not far behind? Yeah – Maybe not.

  15. kemodog says:

    By the way, the news on Nicaro is that it has closed and the chef/owner will open up a new restaurant called 8407 at 8407 Ramsey Ave. That’s that yellow building between the Metro and Discovery. See more from Tom Sietsema’s July 8 chat at

  16. Thayer Ave., too says:

    But Nicaro has been bought out, and is supposedly reopening soon under new management/chef. Don’t know if the name will stay, but something should be in that space at some point.

  17. chaz says:

    The site for the new restaurant is up– But the property looks far from ready.

  18. kemodog says:

    Went to Olazza tonight for some late night libation and walked by the still closed (but now with signs of life) Nicaro. I spoke with a guy and a woman getting the place ready. The guy, Anthony, introduced himself and the new owner Amata/Amati. He said they’ve started cooking and hope to be open in a few days as Amata’s/Amati’s Bistro.

  19. taktip says:

    Wow, will the Fractured Prune be next in the places I have given up on sweepstakes?

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